4-flea-free-dogWhen my dog started itching a lot, the first thing that I suspected was fleas. It was horrible to think of all of these little creatures crawling all around on my dog. I could definitely see how this would be something that was very uncomfortable and also fairly itchy. I felt really bad for my dog since I knew it couldn’t be any fun to deal with the fleas constantly.

To make sure that I could get the fleas to go away, I started to look at a whole bunch of items that could be used to eliminate the fleas. After reading up on some different types of flea medications, I decided that I would use Sentry FiproGuard. This medication was a good option since it wasn’t terribly expensive and it was the perfect thing for getting rid of fleas.

Soon after I put this on my dog, he stopped itching all of the time. Many weeks later, he is still flea free and very happy about it. I am so glad that I was able to rid my dog of fleas without having to try giving him a flea bath or doing anything else to get rid of these pests.

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