6-natural-cat-treatsWhen I used to give my cats treats, I would generally give my cats a whole bunch of treats on a regular basis. They ate so many treats that they really weren’t eating very much of their cat food. This might have been alright if what they were eating was some healthy kinds of treats, but they were getting very junky treats filled with preservatives and with everything else.

My cats started to get really fat since I was just giving them too many treats. When I talked to my vet, I quickly learned that I should be giving far less treats and the treats that I should be giving were ones that were a lot healthier. I ended up switching over to using some natural cat treats that were a whole lot healthier so that I could keep my cats healthier.

It is wonderful to be able to have some different types of treats that my cats can eat. It is good to know that I can keep my cats healthy just by cutting back on the huge amount of treats that they are getting. With just one or two treats in a day they seem to stay a whole lot healthier.

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