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4-flea-free-dogWhen my dog started itching a lot, the first thing that I suspected was fleas. It was horrible to think of all of these little creatures crawling all around on my dog. I could definitely see how this would be something that was very uncomfortable and also fairly itchy. I felt really bad for my dog since I knew it couldn’t be any fun to deal with the fleas constantly.

To make sure that I could get the fleas to go away, I started to look at a whole bunch of items that could be used to eliminate the fleas. After reading up on some different types of flea medications, I decided that I would use Sentry FiproGuard. This medication was a good option since it wasn’t terribly expensive and it was the perfect thing for getting rid of fleas.

Soon after I put this on my dog, he stopped itching all of the time. Many weeks later, he is still flea free and very happy about it. I am so glad that I was able to rid my dog of fleas without having to try giving him a flea bath or doing anything else to get rid of these pests.

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3-pet-dogSince I live in an area where fleas and ticks seem to be around pretty much all year, I have to do what I can to make sure that my dog is protected. I don’t like the idea of these creatures crawling around on my dog and I definitely don’t like the idea of them crawling off of the dog and onto me or around my house. This is something that I absolutely can’t have happening around my house.

Luckily, I have managed to get everything under control by using the right kind of medication on my dog on a regular basis. I can use flea and tick control for dog protection to make sure that my dog doesn’t end up all covered in fleas. It is great being able to have something like this that I can really rely on all of the time since I don’t have to worry about fleas and ticks around the house.

The flea and tick control preventative that I use is a high quality one that can keep my dog from getting sick and also from having to deal with these parasites. I know that this works very well since most of the time there isn’t even one flea on my dog.

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7-dogWhile flea season may be ending in many parts of the country, it is still a good idea to make sure that you keep your pet protected by continuing to use some type of flea preventative on a regular basis. Just because the height of flea season has now ended, it doesn’t mean that you can stop using flea preventative altogether. There are still fleas out there that could come home with your dog.

To make sure that you are able to continue treating your pet for fleas, make sure that you have plenty of flea preventative on hand. Most people find that it is easiest if they use a monthly flea preventative. If you also have to worry about ticks in your area, make sure to get something like Frontline Plus for dogs which can kill both fleas and ticks.

By continuing the preventative year round, you’ll be able to make sure that you don’t end up with fleas around your home that you have to deal with. It is a lot easier for you to keep your pets and the rest of your family healthy if you are using something to make sure that they are not bringing fleas with them into your home.

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