Leashes & Collars

1-retractable-dog-leashWhen my dog and I go for a run on the beach, I like to make sure that my dog has a lot of leash to work with. Of course, it doesn’t really work very well if he just has a ton of leash to work with since we both end up getting all tangled up in this. I have to make sure that whatever leash I have is able to give him the slack he needs when he wants it without it dragging on the ground.

The best leashes for use to use are ones that retract since these can keep the leash from ending up underfoot. These are also leashes that are so much longer than any of the other types of leashes that are out there. My dog has a wonderful retractable dog leash that we use whenever we are out running together so that we can both have the right amount of leash that he needs.

While the leash is retractable and lets out automatically, I also have the ability to limit how long the leash goes. The button that does this is perfect to use when we are around other dogs and I need to have a lot more control of my dog than I usually need when we are out on the beach together.

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