8-puppy-pacifierOne of the most challenging things about having a new puppy in the house is that puppies have a tendency to chew on just about everything. Young puppies have an incredible chewing drive which means that they are likely to chew up just about anything that they can get their mouth on. This is part of the teething process so it really isn’t anything that puppies can help.

Your job as a dog owner is to make sure that your puppy is chewing on the right kind of items. This means getting the right kind of toys for young puppies to chew on so that they are able to get their chewing out on the right kinds of items. Picking the right toys for puppies requires a bit of thought since certain chew toys aren’t really appropriate for young dogs.

When you are looking at chew toys for young puppies, it is very important that you choose items like a Kong puppy pacifier. Chew toys like these are designed for puppies and are built to be much softer than other chew toys which is good for these younger dogs. A puppy might get hurt if you use a chew toy that is too hard or too brittle.

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