8-car-pet-barrierOne of the really annoying things about taking my dogs for a ride in the car when there is no one else around to help me is that these dogs are constantly trying to climb up into the front seat. These aren’t even small dogs so you can imagine how much of a problem it is having dogs jumping over into my space. They also try to snuggle with me while I am driving.

To make sure that we are all able to stay a bit safer, I have been looking for something that I might be able to use to block them from the front seat of my car. I have managed to find a really great car pet barrier that I feel would be the perfect item for me to use for this. This barrier is just what I need to block my pets from climbing into the front of the car all of the time.

It is going to be so nice to have a barrier like this just because I will be able to drive with much less distraction. I’m sure that my dogs will still try to get through the barrier, but if it is sturdy enough, we shouldn’t have any problems with them trying to do this.

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